Jul 182014

In view of the low impact of biathlon orienteering in Germany and even though the euphoria around the football world championships reached its highpoint, the media interest for the biathlonorienteering world championships was surprisingly high. Representatives from press, radio and television visited the competition area and reported in their media. Chosen reports are presented in the following (unfortunately only in german):

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Jul 082014

Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremony of the world championships will take place thursday, the 10.07.14, at 18.30 o’clock on the town square of Storkow.

The 132 participants coming from 7 countries, will march in with their national flags.

If available, it is desired to wear national cloths.

The welcoming and opening speech are held by the minister for infrastructure and agriculture of Brandenburg – Mr. Vogelsänger – and the mayor of the city Storkow – Ms. Schulze-Ludwig.

Further, it is arranged that the president of the IBOF – Mr. Wickboom – is going to address himself to the participants.


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Jul 062014

Delicious Lunch


The 1. chairman of the shooting club Storkow – Mr. Jungk – will in person cook the order lunch packages – fresh in a field kitchen!


Friday: Spirelli with tomato sauce or sauce Bolognese

Saturday: Potato soup with wiener sausages

Sunday: Rice with Letscho and sausages

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Jul 062014

Some organisational notes:

  • Caravans can unfortunately not stay overnight on the parking lot of the shooting range (the area is guarded with loose dogs from 7pm)
  • The team leader receive the start bibs for all participants of their country
  • Every country has a “letterbox for new information” , e.g. result lists, in the organization office
  • Due to the low amount of registrations, the classes W45 and W50 were combined to W45. For the relays, the decision will be made after the entrance of the registrations the 12.07
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Jul 022014

Numerous registrations for the World Championships!

The registration deadline was the 26.06.14 (single registrations still possible) – a first conclusion can be drawn.

The sprint on Saturday provoked the biggest interest with 127 registrations. The classic race (123) and the relay (125) follow with a comparable high number.

The number of participants in the sprint after countries is as follows:

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