Jul 062014

Banquet the 12.07.14


So delicious is the banquet going to be during the victory ceremony at the castle of Storkow:


Tomato-Bell Pepper-Soup (vegetarian)


Main dishes:

Tender turkey with rice, tagliatelle and summer-vegetables

Roasted chicken legs

Stewed roast poark with pearl onions and sauerkraut


Spinach lasagne (vegetarian)

Potato-vegetable-gratin (vegetarian)


Cold and delicious:

Fresh homemade minced meat

Cheese plate with international specialties

Salad buffet with fresh vegetables of the season and several dressings

Butter in pretty shapes

Freshly baked breads



Dark chocolate pudding

Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce


The red voucher is going to be exchanged for a vip-bracelet at the entrance of the “Großen Saal” (big hall) of the castle.

Entrance at 5pm, the event will last until approximately 8pm. Afterwards, there will be public viewing of the football world championships of the game for place three.

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